Marriage Lines

Let’s look at the most misunderstood lines. The Marriage Lines. Located under the pinky finger, also called the Mercury finger. A deep horizontal line is considered to be a strong marriage opportunity. Shallow lines are not a strong indicator of marriage. Timewise marriage lines work their way up. The closer to the pinky finger, the older you are. Marriage lines that curve down- an unhappy ending. Lines that curve up a happy marriage.

Also vertical lines on the marriage lines indicate children. Strong vertical lines equal boys. Weaker lines equal girls. Come on now! That’s old school!  A strong line is a strong child no matter what sex. The problem is this just doesn’t work unless you put your two hands together and the marriage lines line up- from one hand to another. If the marriage line is stronger on the left and you are right handed, he will love you more. If its reversed, you will love him more. This is the traditional reading.  As a palmist at Palmistryplus I feel that there is alot more to this. These lines represent strong emotional experiences .  For instance, a time your child survives an illness. A breakthrough in your career. A happy time in your life. I’ve seen people get in trouble with two strong marriage lines and they’ve been married only once. So put your palms up and line up the heart line and the Mercury finger and see where your lines are located. Do they match? Have fun looking at your own hands and see what you think.

To sum up, the Marriage Line is not always just for marriage.

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Author: Carole
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